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Updated: Apr 3, 2023

One of the largest expenditures for seniors is the cost of prescription drugs. Many Medicare beneficiaries have a Part D drug plan either tied to their Medicare Advantage plan or as a stand-alone Part D plan. Not all drug plans cover every drug that individuals take or if they do the costs might be quite high.

It’s important to be creative and know all the tricks when it comes to getting prescriptions. Some individuals are going online to, printing out a coupon and presenting it at the pharmacy for lower prices. Others are going to retailers such as Costco and buying scripts at wholesale prices. For some medications, the manufacturer will provide pharmaceutical assistance programs to discount high-cost medications at one low-cost monthly fee. These programs are usually provided on a need basis so it’s important to contact the company directly to see if you'd qualify.

Fortunately, each year Medicare beneficiaries can switch plans. If you are struggling with your drug costs or you’d like to review your plan, please contact our office by clicking this link. Schedule a Call We have the tools that will help you get into the best plan for your unique situation. You can check out our Plan Finder Tool here.


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