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Applying for Medicare Parts A & B Online

Updated: Nov 17, 2023

Did you know that you can apply for Medicare benefits online? You can do this even though you aren’t ready to collect Social Security or are ready to retire. People are usually eligible for Medicare at age 65. If you want to sign up for Medicare at 65, your initial enrollment period begins three months before your 65th birthday and ends three months after your 65th.

Applying online can take less than 30 minutes. It usually doesn’t require any documentation and there are no forms to sign. The Social Security Administration will process your application and contact you if they need more information. To begin, visit the Social Security website. At that site you can apply for Medicare and find other helpful information. If you are ready to start collecting Social Security you can apply for that at the same time, if you want to.

Some Medicare beneficiaries may qualify for Extra Help to pay for the monthly premiums, annual deductibles, and co-payments related to the Medicare Prescription Drug program. You must be receiving Medicare, have limited resources and income, and reside in one of the 50 states or the District of Columbia to qualify for Extra Help. More information on Extra Help is available at Medicare Prescription Help.

Feel free to share this information with a family member or a friend. Many have found it quite helpful, and it might improve the quality of their life. For more information on Medicare and Medicare plan options please visit the Medicare section of our website.


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